Branding and Print Design

Your website is almost finished! But what’s missing? You.
What is your brand? You have created your business because of a passion for what you do. That passion must now be transformed into your brand. A catchy phrase or a unique logo are some of the first steps, but Bangumbo will help you take it to the next level: connecting the potential customer on a personal level with your business, through your brand image via your website.

Bangumbo provides you with the tools to create a consistent voice in all platforms through our branding services. We will help you translate that voice into your story via your website. What you are offering and Why you are the business to provide it, is the story the customer needs to hear.

Plenty of businesses try to create and run successful websites, but many of them lack the creative foresight to find their niche in the marketplace. Branding your business is what separates you from the others. Creating your brand as a tool that you carry with you in person, online, and in all printed materials is what makes you recognizable in an ever-changing marketplace.

Marketing Strategy

In an ever changing online marketplace, Bangumbo can provide you with the edge you need to be one step (or google listing) ahead of the rest. Now that we have perfected your voice as a brand, the whole world needs to hear it. Bangumbo can help you build a successful brand through our existing advertising relationships.

Marketing goes beyond the traditional media and print with SEO and social media. Bangumbo specializes in search engine optimization and web hosting. The opportunity to be present in customers “newsfeeds” alongside their friend/family’s photos and status updates, provides the perfect platform for sharing your brand’s story. Sharing original and “like-able” content is the key to driving social media hits into website traffic.

We practice what we preach through our own active brands.
See what we can do for you.

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