Local Web Hosting

Our hosting services offer 99.99% guaranteed up times, ultra-fast speeds, powerful security, combined with top notch local customer service and live chat support. We understand our clients need to be able to service their customers 24 hours a day to survive in today’s marketplace. Which is why we utilize innovation-driven technology with the ability to scale instantly to meet your business growth.

Premium hosting services have plenty of free storage space for your convenience and can handle the strain of heavy traffic while still delivering fast page load speeds. You will find many hosting providers servers slow down during peak business hours and during heavy traffic. This is due to an overload of the server because it has been stacked with far too many clients. This increases their profit margin at the customer’s expense. A slow load time on a mobile device is a sure way to lose your paying customers. Increased speeds have been proven to increase a websites ROI by up to 13%.

Bangumbo’s servers are designed to handle increased traffic volumes with ease thanks to improved hosting options that are now available to you.

Website Maintenance and Security

Hackers… they are out there, and they do real damage. Websites are hacked daily and used for malicious purposes. We make sure your website is up to date with the latest updates and that your hosting is protecting your data from the inside.

Our premium hosting provides active monitoring and updates that will help protect your data and ensure your site is visible on the web at all times. It is very important to have unique login names as well as complicated passwords to keep people from entering your websites back-end without permission. Proper brute-force attack protection is essential.
If you sell merchandise on your website it is very likely that you will be taking credit card information. Bangumbo Marketing makes sure that you have the proper Security Certificates in place to keep your customers and yourself safe from internet threats.

Hackers will attempt to monitor keystrokes from your local machine to steal login information. It is always best to have virus protection on your computer that will scan your entire network for vulnerabilities daily.

A safe website is one that everyone can enjoy.

We work with the areas most trusted IT and networking firms.

Tell us a little more about your needs to get started today.

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