On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the ways in which you can optimize the content and code of a website to appear higher in search engine rankings. This includes many factors including URL structure, content, tags, speed and proper management of sitemaps to name a few. Website architecture is also one of the most important elements to having proper on-page SEO. Proper architecture also ends in a great user experience when done properly allowing your customers to easily navigate your site on any device. Internal linking which is created through menus and in-text links helps spread the domain authority through your site that has been established through your back-links or off-page SEO.

Content plays a big role in optimizing a page for ranking performance. Proper use of H tags combined with proper keyword usage is essential for getting attention from search engines. Do to the many changes we see each year from googles algorithm, a natural approach to content writing is advised and duplicating content is big no. You also want to make sure that the keywords most useful to your page appear in the articles and headings of your posts. Make sure the content makes sense and contains quality, original text. Make sure to inform and entertain your readers with help from the keywords that will attract users to your site when they search. Good content equals conversion and is essential for getting the most ROI form your website. Google tends to reward longer stretches of content. You will look like an expert in your niche if you have long posts full of creative, interesting content.

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