Email and 3rd Party Integration

An important aspect of running a website as well as any business is email. You will want to set up your email processes in a variety of ways in order to be effective, efficient and successful. You’ll need to communicate with people who work for you, your vendors, your customers and fans. You can set up newsletters that contain links to new products, services, blog posts and more. The idea is to make sure the people visiting your website always know about the latest news from your company. They’ll never be out of the loop as long as your email correspondence is timely, professional, and interesting. Your email efforts should be adjusted to match your branding and interact with your customers.

3rd Party Integration can assist in making your site as efficient as possible. There are times your website will need to integrate with third party solutions such as payment gateways for accepting credit cards or paypal, email solutions or retail shopping carts such as Amazon as well as social networking. 3rd Party Integration also assists your sales numbers by suggesting products on your website based on the interests of the person currently browsing the links. Using 3 rd party integration will help make each aspect of your website become clearer and easier to use.

A website should integrate your email campaigns with images, blog posts, and your products. Your visitors will be able to choose to receive email updates about news, products, blog posts, and more. In the Information Age we are constantly flooded by new bits of data, but people are used to this by now and it’s up to you to take advantage of the way things have changed. It’s easy for your visitors and customers to forget about you if you don’t communicate with them regularly; however it is now easier than ever to make sure you never lose contact with potential fans and customers through a variety of integration with your very own website. The road to success is paved with email and 3rd Party Integration.

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